AdventOfCode 2020 – First Time Experience

AdventOfCode is a yearly Christmas online and free daily challenge where anybody can solve programming puzzles from the beginning of December until Christmas. It is a great initiative by its great founders, creators and sponsors to make it fun and free as a holiday online event challenge for everybody worldwide!

I definitely support the idea of solving problems together and uniting people together during Christmas especially these Covid-19 pandemic times. So I decided to donate a bit and be an AoC++ too.

This was my Day 21 puzzle to solve!

AdventOfCode – The experience and the programming puzzle challenges?

It is my first time joining the challenge this year. I heard about it from some colleagues at work. Since I like problem solving and mind training, I decided to go for it! First day was fun and exciting. Day 1 was kind of easy and then it gets difficult, easy or complex day to day.

Since I am working full time, I have to devote some time answering these puzzles during my free time after work in the evenings or during the weekend. I took the challenge and I want to accomplish it to the last day – Christmas Day!

My list of projects in my AdventOfCode solution project in Visual Studio

The puzzles doesn’t require any advanced programming skills but a good mind for problem solving and logic are needed. You don’t need to be a programmer, a software developer nor a Computer Science grad neither. Patience, spare time, determination, eagerness to solve problems and learn more are the key. It is also exciting to do the challenge with other coders from around the globe! Additionally, it is interesting to see how the AdventOfCode image reveals itself as you solve the programming puzzles daily.

The great thing about this challenge is that you have the freedom to use any programming language you know or prefer to. Problems can be solve in many ways in different languages and that is what makes this challenge exciting and fun! I solve my puzzles using C# programming language in .NET Core since I am convenient in coding it. I created a GitHub repo for it but currently private because my codes needs some clean up 👩🏻‍💻🤓😁 When it is refactored, I will definitely share my solutions publicly.

The challenge have private leaderboards that you can join if you want to code and solve problems with your friends or colleagues!

Mysterious image reveals itself as you solve daily puzzles!

Currently on Day 23 and finished it. Two more days to go until I see the entire mysterious Christmas image in this blue-screen UI!

In the meantime, I will let my cute and smart Malinois dog Jackson review my code!

Jonah Andersson’s Malinois Dog by her laptop
My malinois dog Jackson code reviewing😆🤓

I will definitely try to finish up this challenge until Christmas and will share more about it.

If you are curious about AdventOfCode, visit their website or search for its hashtag #adventofcode

Merry Christmas and until next time ! 🎄😊

About Author: Jonah Andersson is a Filipina-Swedish Software Developer who codes full stack system development in C# .NET/NET Core. She currently works as a Software Developer Consultant at Forefront Consulting in Sweden. Jonah is passionate about continuous learning, developing and sharing knowledge about Microsoft Azure cloud technologies. A woman who codes in tech who enjoys writing, advocating gender equality in the tech industry through mentorship and by being role model on her spare time.

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