Jonah Andersson on her 2022 Year Review

My Year 2022 In Review: Jonah Andersson’s Retrospective Summary of Achievements and Lessons Learned

For the past few years, I have been summarizing my year by listing the things I have done, some lessons learned, and key-take aways that I appreciate.  In 2021, I blogged about My Top 10 Reflective Key Takeaways of 2021: A Year-End Review of Lessons Learned. Those lessons learned and takeaways from the previous year are still the list of things that I value and appreciate in this year, 2022.

In this article, I listed some highlights and reviewed how my 2022 has been before I transition into a new year. 

The Recap of Sharing Knowledge, Public Speaking at Azure Communities and Conferences 2022

As a Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and someone who likes to learn from new experiences and challenges, I like recalling and doing a retrospective of all the things I learned from the past 12 months.

A note of list of public speaking engament by Jonah Andersson
I like taking notes - this was my mini summary of 2022

List of Achievements and Experiences That I Appreciate in 2022

  • I traveled first time to Paris and Germany for a few big conferences like Serverless Days Paris 2022 and the European Cloud Summit, where I met some of the great people in the community that I follow

  • I learned a lot about Azure Security and Cybersecurity in general by attending the Security and Identity Powerclass at European Cloud Summit

  • I got awarded again as Microsoft MVP for Azure.

  • I got my Microsoft Certified Trainer renewed for 2022-2023

  • I was a Tech Jury at a local hackathon, Good Tech Hack 2022


  • I delivered 5 Azure-related certifications training in different groups and communities

  • I got Microsoft Certified as DevOps Engineer Expert (AZ-400)
  •  I got nominated at Nordic Women in Tech Awards 2022 for the second time, and I got recognized the second time as Role Model of the Year again

  • Attended the Women In Tech Sweden Conference 2022 finally in person in Stockholm

  • I read 12 non-technical books 

  • I spent a total of  103 hrs reading different books

  • I spent a total of 190 hrs writing my book Learning Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing & Development Fundamentals  at O’Reilly Media

  • I spent 133 hours learning from online technical courses, hands, etc.

  • I finished the AdventOfCode 2022

  • I got recognized at work as “Årets Raket.”

  • Aside from being a .NET Developer, I got an additional career role as DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure Engineer with a focus on the Azure platform.

  • I got invited to be part of the Advisory Board of DevSum Conference by Cornerstone.

  • I used some of my money this year to help my family and others, especially, to financially helping my father get his laser eye surgery so he could see again!

  • I gained 3500+ new followers on LinkedIn (Jonah Andersson) in 2022 (from 3,000 to 6,417 followers as of today)

Some of my in-person conference speaker badges of year 2022
My Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award 2022-2023 for Microsoft Azure (Jonah Andersson)
AzureHeroes 2022 - New look, New #AzureHeroes Badgers
Women in Tech Sweden 2022 Conference - Attendee (In-person) for the first time
May 2022 at DevSum Confererence in Stockholm
June 2022 in Paris - While I was there for Serverless Days 2022 Conference
Guidance in Tech at Sundsvall, Sweden, When I was sharing about my tech story, cloud Computing and Intro to Microsoft Azure to local women in tech group community
Jonah Andersson speaking at ITARC 2022 Conference for IT Architects - Jonah Andersson as Speaker
ITARC 2022 in Stockholm when I was on stage and shared about serverless in Azure and event-driven architecture to IT Architects from all around Sweden
Swetugg Göteborg 2022 - Jonah Andersson
DataTjej with Forefront evening event when I had the opportunity to share about my tech story virtually to some Swedish datatjejs in Stockholm
AzureHeroines 2022 Women in Tech Event by Azure User Group Serbia
Delivered and trained about Azure Developer Certification (AZ-204 to some colleagues)

The following are some highlights and images of different conferences, events, public speaking, etc.  I love capturing photos, so what you see here don’t. This image gallery is just 10 % of them 😊

Here is one of my favorite notes from founders Marilag and Michelle. 

A surprised gift box from with a personal note from its founders. I was volunteer mentor of for over a year

Jonah Andersson's Key Take-Aways in 2022

The following list are some of the lessons learned and key-take aways of this year. These list of important key points are based on my personal reflections and experiences that I find valuable in everything in my life, career, relationships, etc. 

My Key-Take Aways and Learning from Experiences in 2022

  • Take lessons learned in everything and underestimate the battles you conquered
  • Value Life, Connections,  Mentorship, and Relationships
  • Public Speaking is a reflection of your passion and who you are, but it is all about others and your audience
  • Don’t Be Disappointed If You Are Not Appreciated; still, keep your values and know your worth
  • Keep Learning – By Doing, Reading, Sharing, Teaching, Writing – even by Failing and Trying
  • Be Brave and Dare to Be Yourself – No matter what it takes
  • Be Unique
  • Find value in non-digital moments in life
  • Appreciate nature and the people who love/care for you
  • Let go of Frustrations – if you get angry or frustrated about something, it is ok to let it out, cry, or to confront it – after that, then let it go, and shake it off! … and move on!
  • Get driven by your fuel of passion, purpose, will and WHYs
  • Take life as a short temporary assignment; value every day as a gift of being alive
  • Be humble and compassionate for others, most especially for yourself
  • Take scheduled breaks to take care of yourself and recharge
  • Inspire to be inspired

A New Year To Come - Another Year to Fill in with Stories and Lessons

The year is just about to end in a day or so but I already have some upcoming community events coming at Azure User Group Sweden booked and some international and national conference coming in person in 2023. 

What are coming are the .NET Castle Conference 2023 in Örebro Sweden, Swetugg Stockholm 2023, Stockholm Tech Show 2023, DevSum Conference 2023, and more coming!

A  lot of memories and lessons learned to keep for the upcoming year to come!

I want to greet all my friends, connections, followers, and friends who supported me, a BIG THANKS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 to come! 

Happy New Year 2023 Greetings from Jonah Andersson

About Author:

Jonah Andersson is a Filipina-Swedish Senior Software Engineer who codes full-stack system development in C# .NET and works with DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure Engineering in Azure. 

She is a Microsoft MVP for Azure, a Certified Azure Developer and DevOps Engineer,  Microsoft Certified Trainer, Public Speaker, and Tech Mentor.  She is also the author of the O’Reilly Media Book, “Learning Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing and Development Fundamentals,” and the Founder & Community Leader of Azure User Group Sweden. 

Jonah is passionate about learning, developing, and sharing knowledge about Microsoft Azure cloud technologies. She is advocating gender equality and diversity in the tech industry through mentorship and by being a role model. She also loves creative technical writing and shares her experience. 

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