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I've had the pleasure of working with Jonah Carrio for over a year and a half and she's always delivered her work on-time and to the standards we've set. Jonah has a strong work ethic and has grown professionally since coming aboard.
Jonah has proved herself to be both a tremendous asset to our content team as well as our growing company.
Jonah has excellent communication skills whether it be oral or written. She is also very thorough in her tasks and is able to meet deadlines without any problems.
Jonah is very professional,loves and knows what she is doing. With good leadership traits and open to new ideas.
Jonah is one of the best colleagues you'll ever want to work with. You give her something new to do and she will do it for she always loves a challenge. She is someone you can definitely rely on to get things done. She never slacks off and she takes extra care of the quality of work she does.
Jonah is quick, smart, skilled and responsive. We have had a very good collaboration. Problem solver!
I have had the opportunity to have Jonah as a tech mentor for the past 6 months which has been very developing both personally and professionally. Jonah is very knowledgeable in many technical areas and I truly appreciate her helpfulness, encouragement and positivity. She has been a great inspiration both for me and other female junior software engineers.

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Virtual Azure Community Day - December 2020

Gender Inequality in Tech - Why is it a problem and what can we do to fix it?

VACD Virtual Azure Community Day - Gender Inequality in Tech
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