Jonah's Career Portfolio

Portfolio and Skills

Below are the highlights of the career roles and experiences I have. Each of these career roles are building blocks to my achievements. Learn more about each of them to get to know more about me. 

Software Developer

Fullstack development of software and applications in programming languages like C#, Java, SQL, etc.


Web Developer

Web Development in ASP.NET, .NET Core, C#, Razor, Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS, ReactJS, KnockoutJS



Cloud Developer

Develop and building web apps, websites, and APIs on the Cloud – Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GPC)


Web Admin

Web administration of your website and CMS (Content Management Systems


Tech Mentor

Mentorship and guidance on your career path to tech/IT industry. 




Teach programming to kids and youth  



Travel Consultant

Get advice about your travel plans.




SEO Specialist

Gain popularity for your websites and business on the Internet with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)