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Microsoft Azure MVP Jonah Andersson Sweden
Microsoft MVP for Azure
Jonah Andersson Microsoft Certified Trainer

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Jonah Andersson is one of the AzureHeroes in Sweden (North Europe). She has been very passionate in sharing her experiences and technical knowledge to the Azure Online community both within Europe, Internationally and also in one of her home countries, the Philippines.  Jonah was featured on Enjin’s AzureHeroes article about Azure Space Mystery in 2021.

The Azure Heroes program uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to recognize and reward the inclusive behavior and contributions of the Microsoft technical community.

Do you want to make a difference and make an Azure Hero like Jonah? Check out and learn more about Microsoft #
AzureHeroes program.

Jonah's Recent Tech Blog Articles

Azure CDN
Jonah Andersson

Speed Up Websites and Web Apps with Azure CDN

Azure CDN or Azure Content Delivery Network is one of the cloud services that Microsoft Azure provides to its users. It is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) in the cloud that provide developers solutions for web contents with high-bandwidth and speed.

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Advent Of Code
Jonah Andersson

AdventOfCode 2020 – First Time Experience

AdventOfCode is a yearly Christmas online and free daily challenge where anybody can solve programming puzzles from the beginning of December until Christmas. It is a great initiative by its great founders, creators and sponsors to make it fun and free as a holiday online event challenge for everybody worldwide!

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Azure Service Bus
Jonah Andersson

Azure Service Bus – A Brief Technical Overview

Microsoft Azure Service Bus solves complex messaging problems that many of us, developers, have to take care of in order to deliver high-reliable and quality technical cloud messaging solutions in our applications.

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Jonah's Public Speaking

VACD Virtual Azure Community Day - Gender Inequality in Tech

Azure User Group Sundsvall Sweden

Azure User Group Sundsvall in Sweden is an independent local and remote Meetup Azure users group started and founded by Jonah Andersson, who saw that her local community didn’t have an active community group for Azure developers. 

A user group that aims to be inclusive and diverse. It is open to all software developers, software engineers, cloud architects, tech experts in Sweden or remote. The purpose of this user group is to unite everyone who wants to learn more about development in Microsoft Azure, cloud, and other modern technologies. 

Welcome to all interested developers or speakers who wants to volunteer, share and discuss their knowledge with others publicly. 
Feel free to contact me.

Upcoming Events

Join Meetup User Group to learn more about Azure to help collaborate and build the Azure Community locally in Sundsvall or remotely.

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