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Microsoft MVP Award, Passed Azure Certifications and Personal Reflections of Half Year 2021

Today is the 13th of June, Sunday. It is about middle of the month June, the middle half of the year 2021. I wanted to review how my half year of 2021 was. 

Aside from my full time job as a Software Developer Consultant, I noticed that I did a lot of things – both internally at work, externally and publicly. I realized and wondered how did I survive and got all that drive, energy, and spare time do the things that I accomplished?

My answer to this  is – when you do things humbly from the heart without expecting in return for yourself, you don’t feel that the voluntary things that you do for others consumes your time and energy. 

In fact, you learn and benefit from it. I’m glad that I have this mindset and passion. I am not a wonder woman! ( I wish I was 🙂 ) I get tired too and I need some “me-time” break time for myself. However, I regain energy from what I do for others because personally I believe that the intangible things – like helping, sharing, mentoring, meeting new interesting people, making an impact, and making a difference – are great things that are priceless and most valuable. 

Microsoft MVP Award

Recently, on the 1st of June 2021,  I’m humbled, glad and honored to receive the Microsoft MVP Award for Microsoft Azure. An award that I didn’t know so much until someone from Microsoft nominated me because of the good things I have been doing already – making a difference and contributing to the online tech communities. 

For past year and several months, I have been actively sharing knowledge and my passion of learning and developing Azure publicly – to the point that I did a lot of public speaking to spread knowledge. In April 2021, I did 7 tech talks in a row in one month that I didn’t know I could! In my story and journey to tech, I shared that I used to be a shy and was scared of public speaking. 

When I got nominated, I did not have too much expectations. I voluntarily do what I do because I love it, if I get selected to receive the award, then it is meant to be. 

In the middle of this year, this month – I received the Microsoft MVP Award! Also the first female Azure MVP in Sweden!

Thank you Microsoft!

Thank you Microsoft for the appreciation of technical leadership in the community. I’m glad that my passion and dedication in the voluntary activities I do are appreciated.  I am more inspired and motivated to make a difference! 

Microsoft Azure MVP Award Email

Thanks Forefront Consulting!

I also want to thank you, my current employer, Forefront Consulting, my leaders and colleagues, who also gave their confidence in me and believed in me. Thanks for flowers, support and writing a press release article about my Microsoft MVP award. 

Jonah Andesson MVP Azure

Passed AZ-900 and AZ-204 Microsoft Azure Certifications

Before I received the Microsoft MVP Award this month of June, I was also happy to pass to two Microsoft Azure Certifications. In April 2021, I passed AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals and then in May 2021, I also passed the AZ-204 Azure Developer Associate Certification, which was a tough one! Both I cleared and passed on first try! 

I initially planned on just take the AZ-204 certification but since I got a voucher for AZ 900 through the Microsoft Training Days, I decided to take the Azure Fundamentals too to test and challenge myself if I really had a fundamental knowledge of Azure. I am #ProudToBeCertified after all the many hours of studying during my free time and for answering some tough technical questions! 


My personal advice to those who are planning to take these Microsoft Certifications – is to keep learning, enjoy learning, be patient, and share what you learned!

Azure User Group Sundsvall Sweden

In February 2021, I had a vision and idea to start a new Azure User Group locally, which was missing in my area and mid-north of  Sweden. 

I was not sure how to start one and not sure who were the right people who could help me. I decided to do it anyway while I had a big interest to do it!

I started Azure User Group Sundsvall Sweden on Meetup. Signed up for paid account and starting sharing knowledge about Azure technologies. 

I did a technical session about Introduction to Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure, Azure Durable Functions Fundamentals, and more Azure-related events coming up. I hope to get more guest speakers to volunteer too! 

My Checklist Tech Goals at the Start of 2021

At the beginning of this year in January, I made a checklist of tech goals I personally want to achieve. I usually don’t do that.  I am one of the people in this world, who is bad in keeping new year’s resolutions every year! 🙂 But I created a list just give myself a sense of challenge and direction in what I want to achieve this year. 

Below was the list that I wrote down, and today – middle of this year, I checked those that I have achieved already and some of those that are unchecked are still in progress. Some things are not written – most of them are the unexpected and unplanned things that I just do! 🙂 

The number of plants I sow and planted are not listed here – They’re not counted as tech goals! 🙂


New Journey to New Opportunities

Being a Microsoft MVP, starting a new Azure User Group for the local or remote community, my certifications and more opportunities of doors opening up are just the beginning of my new journey of the rest of the year. 

I’ve had my challenges but I am thankful that I resisted and got the patience. I would not be where I am now without all the great people who put their confidence in me, cared for me, and believed in me. 

Thank you all so much!

Most of all, I dedicate this Microsoft MVP Award and my achievements to my late and beloved mama Joan, who is already in heaven. She was my great mother and best-friend who used to lift me up and cheered me up to never be scared and to dare be myself in front of the crowd when I was a young girl.

I am looking forward to the new journey, new friends, and new opportunities! 

About Author:  Jonah Andersson is a Filipina-Swedish, Microsoft MVP,  Azure Developer, Software Engineer who codes fullstack system development in C# .NET/NET Core. She currently works as a Software Developer Consultant at Forefront Consulting in Sweden. Jonah is passionate about learning, developing and sharing knowledge about Microsoft Azure cloud technologies. A woman who code advocating gender equality in the tech industry through mentorship and by being role model. She also loves creative technical writing her experience. 

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